Pedestal Dining Table

Dining TablesPicking out a new dining table is one of the most exciting experiences for families. That’s because the possibilities are endless. Imagining what your dining space will look like, adding artistic details and bringing them to life is an adventure where the journey is just as much fun as the destination. So whether you’re […]

Round Dining Table Sets For 4

The dining room is a place to gather and share stories, and no type of dining table accommodates this better than a round one. Ideal for smaller groups, round dining room tables ensure that no one gets left out of the conversation, something that other kinds of tables just can’t do as well. At Rooms […]

Pool Table Converts To Dining Table

Pool Dining Tables Although a hard table top can be applied to almost any standard pool table, it cannot necessarily double up as a dining table. Due to the ball return mechanisms that live in the main body of a pool table the underbelly tends to fall below the critical height required for a person […]

Tile Top Patio Dining Table

Enjoy Outdoor Dining at Its Finest Whether you’re feeding a large group of family and friends or just enjoying a quiet meal alone, we’ve got a huge selection of patio dining sets, outdoor bistro sets, as well as individual outdoor dining chairs and tables. And to enhance your dining pleasure, you’ll find we offer a […]

Dining Table Size

4 months ago Marie I looked for my dining table for years. I entertain a lot. My must haves are recessed legs so you can squeeze in more people and use different chairs without anyone’s knees hitting a table leg. To me the table needs to facilitate people connecting which means seating people close together. […]